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Woodmont Charter School

Woodmont Charter School is a tuition-free public charter school serving students in grades K-8. Woodmont Charter School is governed by Bay Area Charter Foundation, LLC. and a member of the Charter Schools USA (CSUSA) family of schools.

Woodmont Charter School Wildcats


Empowering confident leaders with self-discipline and character.


Woodmont Charter School will focus on academic success by implementing a challenging, innovating and rigorous curriculum to foster an education that creates critical thinkers. We will cultivate a culture of excellence through high expectations of mutual respect and a unified approach for all stakeholders. Stakeholders will also be supported by a spirit of service to establish positive relationships needed to support and successfully develop a student’s first approach to success.


One Family, One Community, One School, One Goal….STUDENT SUCCESS!!

Programs and Services

  • Personalized Learning Plans – Assessments are performed periodically to determine how your child will learn best. Learning styles are established to tailor lesson plans to meet the needs of each student.
  • Access to PowerSchool’s Student Information System – Parents are given access to their children’s personal information through a password-protected computer-based system that allows them to monitor their progress. Parents can monitor test scores, homework and attendance on a daily basis.
  • Enforced uniform policy – A school uniform policy is enforced. School uniforms must be purchased exclusively from a Woodmont Charter School approved vendor only. School uniforms instill a sense of pride in the school as well as each child’s individual appearance. Uniforms allow students to focus on their education instead of designer labels and fashion trends.
  • Before and after care
  • Free/reduced lunch program