Recent 21st CCLC Student Activities


Students discovered primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. There’s nothing like having the information right on your hands.


Students got down and dirty in the garden. Do we have landscapers or farmers in our midst?

Honoring Our Veterans

Creating greeting cards to recognize those who serve our country helped students to appreciate the freedoms and liberties we have.

Financial Literacy

GTE Bank, a 21st CCLC program supporter, shared with our 3-5 graders the importance of financial literacy. Students had an opportunity to work with a budget to understand the concepts of spending, saving, and borrowing.

Anti-Bullying Campaign

Students discussed bullying and how to combat it. To kick-off the month of Bullying Awareness in October, students recently supported the campaign by creating posters that adorn the walls at WCS.

P.E. Health & Fitness

21st CCLC students are working hard to practice physical fitness and endurance. Sports Fun, Inc. has been working with students to help them stay healthy and alert throughout the day.

Project-Based Learning

Rubberband Cars

Students worked together as engineers to create moveable cars using random items (rubberbands, boxes, paperclips, paper plates, etc.). The future is great for these car designers. They’re awesome!!!